Class Notes 9-21

Things that came up in class today:

  • Who is excluded from the cannon of 20 & 21st Century experimental & avant-garde art:
  • I would love to see the excluded movements and artists interpolated within the canon as a timeline / sequence / list
    • Naomi raised great questions about the problems of a subaltern interpolation of history, including issues with narratives of progress and linearity
    • [wade sidney] – apparently I misremembered the name (this happens a lot) but what I was thinking of, the map of science fiction, was this by Ward Shelly
    • cartographer artists / non-linear mapping
    • “the subaltern epistemes are here” – I looked and looked for this tweet, but couldn’t find it. Extra credit to anyone who can find it on Twitter (pretty sure it was retweeted by @AgainstGringpo and send me a screenshot.
  • Some things we discussed from The Racial Imaginary
    • who is allowed to write non-white characters? this is often the question that white artists ask, but it’s not the right question. one potential other question is: why do you want to?
    • empathy as a mode of poetic experimentation
      • Bri described an excersize in learning empathy: identify the language of a feeling (like shame) & then demonstrate how it makes you feel in your body
    • energy brushing up against the dominant discourse
    • Kerry James Marshall – Mastry
  • article on dangers of white queerness – still looking for this
  • talked about kiros and what that means

About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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