streams (of consciousness) & the (un) natural

This week, I wrote a creative response to “You Must Walk This Lonesome” by Evie Shockley. In writing my response, I was especially interested in her use of stream of consciousness narration, in the relationship between trauma and nature (and the unnatural), as well as renewal from nature (and the unnatural, again), and conceptions of place. I tried to focus on those themes and ideas while I wrote this thing

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One Response to streams (of consciousness) & the (un) natural

  1. Erica Mena says:

    Wonderful! I find stream-of-consciousness writing extremely difficult, and would love to know about your process. How did you decide when to stop? Did you set a time period, or a length? How did you pick a starting place? What about POV decisions – you are also using the second person; was that in response to Shockley’s second person? You have a first person too, but she doesn’t, which is really interesting for a stream-of-consciousness work, I think.


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