Class Notes Thurs 10/13

Poem Profiler

  • Shayla’s response – limitless as restrictive, reductive; “from one side / to be defined”; a list creates expectations “enlist”; “scoring for effectiveness” numbers as absolute; collecting as collaborative “being in the act of taking and giving simultaneously”
  • Dominique’s response – what do we mean by “appreciate”? can we dislike a poem and still appreciate it? ; what do we mean by “struggle” with a poem? how much does this have to do with the subject positionality of the reader? ; do we blame the poem for these responses?
  • Haille’s response – “why it is even important to call it a poem … why not allow for the viewer to approach it in a different way” – how we categorize/define work sets expectations and approaches for our response to it. if we read something as a poem, how is that different from reading something as a painting? reading something as a poem, and being asked to read something as a poem, what kinds of questions and approaches are we taking? “is it about access?” ; “successful” art?

About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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