Daniel Borzutzky?

And then I was thinking about America (all of it). I was thinking about skylines and continents and a fluxified north/south axis. I was thinking about bodily geographies and what a wallet means in a “ROTTEN CARCASS ECONOMY!”I was thinking about lipstick smiles and what they have to say about human worth. I was thinking about flags and their colors and the way that poems can be blood bubbles (or vice versa). I was thinking about what happens when bubbles pop and what it means to consume a poem. And then I was thinking about words and what there is(n’t) to say about them. And so I drew this thing to think about what Daniel Borzutzky thinks about all this.


**text in the drawing lifted from Borzutzky’s poems included in Angels of the Americlypse**

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One Response to Daniel Borzutzky?

  1. akerslw says:

    This is DOPE, Ryan!



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