Favorite Lines in Angels of the Americlypse

(transcribed from class on Thursday 10/20)

Everyone knew he was CIA

Can I Be All Nipples Now or Later

There are no paragraph breaks to interrupt the smiling lipstick

Factory fresh


What was it to hear my voice on the / phone & what ghost

Am I me (? illegible) you

The gaze is plural because of the nature of looking

Who / prescribes all those / drugs? The scripts / are impossible to read. Could I / have written

them myself?

She spread herself in Otherness / & knew herself as Adam / but other than himself / he was Eve

English has a little secret, a past, another family.

S/he carved his face in / the mirror as s/he drew / her lips down / to his name.

To play as if living a Monopoly game, To boast her American Dream attained.

Place a jawbone on my grave give something to the nuns ot hold have them heave your sheets

Slip between understandings name/ the single ridge of bell bronze that tins the wind out

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