Activist Art Shows and Thanksgiving Plans!

Hey everybody,

So first of all, I’d like to mention that on Thursday 7-9 at the second floor galleries in List there’s a closing reception for an art show that Brown’s book artists put together. Some of my work is up, as well as Jake’s, and the works of many other artists. I know some people in the class have asked me a bit about book arts, and this event is a cool opportunity to learn more about it (all the artists will be there and we’re happy to chat). Notably, in light of recent political events, all the artists have also come together to make additional pieces to distribute as stickers and zines in an effort of solidarity and compassion. These works will also be available at the reception (for freeee), and we will likely be distributing them at the walkout tomorrow as well. There will be food, drink, rad art, and radder people, so it should be a fun time and it’d be great to see some of y’all there!

On a different note, Noah, Erica, and I have been talking about gathering folks together Thanksgiving weekend for some festivities. We’re thinking there will be food, merriment, and nail-painting for all (to fulfill Louisa and Brie’s beautiful dream of helping each other paint our left hands, a task which few of us seem confident in doing alone). If anyone’s interested or will be around, let me or Noah know!

Take care all ❤

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