How To Tell The Difference

Between A Monster And A Cyborg

*to maintain accuracy the accused must meet three or more of either criteria

** a cyborg can be a monster and a monster can be a cyborg

  1. Share with the accused something that isn’t true. If they are monster, they’ll question it
    2. Share with the accused something that is true. If they are cyborg they’ll question it
    3. Show the accused something that can hurt them. A monster will be hurt; a cyborg will be unaffected
    4. A monster will admit they don’t know. A cyborg won’t admit anything
    5. If the accused is angry, ask them why. If their reasoning is liberating, they’re monster
    6. Look at their feet. Feet are honest
    7. Have them share with you something they believe to be true. If it’s factually false, they’re cyborg
    8. My best friend is in medical school and shared with me a technique for consulting patients having a difficult time making lifestyle changes. The patient is asked a series of open ended questions. Perhaps this is useful for differentiating monsters from cyborgs. Say to the accused: “What is a goal of yours? How confident are you in achieving that goal on a scale of 1 to 10? Why is it x and not x?” etc.
    9. Ask the accused to share with you their earliest memory. Monsters have older memory
    10. Cyborgs don’t get bored
    11. Ask the accused to share with you a secret. Cyborgs don’t have secrets
    12. Monsters have nightmares
    13. Ask the accused when they’re going to die. A cyborg will say a long time from now. A monster will tell you they’re being hunted
    14. Ask the accused what languages they speak. A cyborg will say that there are no more
    15. A monster will have a favorite color skittle. A cyborg will tell you they all taste the same
    16. Monsters get lonely
    17. Monsters have vices
    18. Monsters grow cranky and weak under an old moon
    19. Lunar cycles don’t affect cyborgs
    20. Monsters have a third eye
    21. Cyborgs do no adapt
    22. Cyborgs are colorblind
    23. Cyborgs have creaking joints
    24. If you stand at a mirror between a cyborg and a monster the cyborg will glitter; you will look like you; and the monster, if it is a monster, will have several faces. One of its faces will be reflected in each of yours
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One Response to How To Tell The Difference

  1. Erica Mena says:

    Oh that ending. Damn. It’s phenomenal. I love the interrogative moments, too.


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