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Just was forwarded this and thought it might be relevant to some of y’all 🙂


The Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism is seeking pitches (for essays, articles and reviews) for its 2016 issue,  to be published in the spring. We also welcome submissions of finished pieces. Writers should either be current undergraduates or recent graduates submitting undergraduate work.

Founded in 2002, CJLC acts as an interdisciplinary forum centered around literature, culture, and politics. The journal is published once a year and includes articles, reviews, interviews, and original artwork. As an undergraduate publication, CJLC attempts to examine the world around us in a way that is informed by academia but not subsumed by it.

Please take a look at the PDFs of our past issues, accessible here: columbiajournalofliterarycriticism.com/archive

The forthcoming issue will explore the theme of CONSUMPTION. We are looking forward to receiving pitches that explore consumption across its range of meaning, and opening up new possibilities.

The early use of the word, drawing from tuberculosis, position consumption as “using up, wasting away” an exhaustion of the limits of the body and nature, drawing towards death. Today, the conception of consumption as loss seems to have receded — instead, capitalism positions it as an accretive, accumulative force, through which all can be obtained or created. In our current moment of late capitalism, do works of art, literature, culture, as Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer say in Dialectic of the Enlightenment “perish when it is solidified into a cultural asset and handed out for consumption purposes”? What are the racialized, gendered, and queered aspects of consumption? bell hooks says in Eating the Other that “White racism, imperialism, and sexist domination prevail by courageous consumption.” How might this relate to systems of production, mass production, and capital? Are there sites of resistance or subversion? Or, is it even possible to entirely consume? Is there something that cannot be consumed, translated, determined, a “remainder that cannot be read, that must remain alien” as Jacques Derrida says in his interview The Limits of Digestion? What happens after consumption? Is there digestion or rejection? Is there nausea? Or regurgitation, taken literally by Millie Brown who famously vomited onto Lady Gaga as performance art?

These are some open questions that may or may not guide your thought, but indicate some of the possibilities and extensions of CONSUMPTION. Take the term as literally or as loosely as peaks your interest.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Pitches: Please email submittocjlc@gmail.com with an outline of your article or review and a proposed/provisional bibliography. Please include your name, university and year of graduation. If we like the pitch, we’ll contact you to set a deadline and work with you throughout the writing process.
  2. Finished articles: You are welcome to submit a finished article, or essay to be converted into an article to the same address. Please attach them as a word document, and include your name, university, and year of graduation in the body of an email.

Submissions are due the 13th of January 2017, but you are very welcome to submit them earlier.

Feel free to send any questions you may have to the editors at submittocjlc@gmail.com.

We look forward to reading your pitches and submissions.

Thank you,

CJLC editors and staff

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