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final thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Erica said at the end of class, last Thursday. I think it’s absolutely, undeniably true that we are conditioned to poke holes and critique, rather than appreciate and celebrate things. This applies to … Continue reading

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prayer request cards

Asking for things is weird especially when directing it through “the church” because I have never been inside of a church to pray, only to look. But here are some typings and prayers and hopings for.

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conversations with my soul

I had some conversations with my soul this week, after reading Night, by Etel Adnan.

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Email to Laloo

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Clint Smith, silence, & a concussed reflection

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of listening to Clint Smith, writer & teacher & poet, perform several of his poems in a crowded lecture hall in Barus and Holley. He read mostly from his new book, Counting … Continue reading

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“a woman flowercunted & crosslegged, my face & my face”

In an interview about the opening to YOU DA ONE, Jennifer Tamayo said, “I wasn’t thinking anything. When I wrote this—what would later become the ‘Table of Contents’ for YOU DA ONE—I was trying to not think anything.” She goes … Continue reading

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Notes on approaches & questions for reading experimental poetry without reducing the poem or the poet

Context about the author is important, establish their context in relation to you. Very important in stopping the typical power dynamic between poet and reader Every time you find yourself thinking about the author’s positionality, be mindful of when that … Continue reading

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