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Translation as Space Creation in “What I Had to Have”

Last week, we started discussing translation as an alternative way of knowing—of not only making texts legible for others, but gleaning new meaning from the text as well. This idea feels liberating to me, as I usually view my own … Continue reading

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“Subjectivity is an attribute of language” and what gets lost in translation

***I thought I posted this last week, week of the 1st, but just saw it was saved under drafts!!!! Sorry!!****   Lisa Robertson’s introduction to Wanting in Arabic got me thinking about how language affects our mental processes. What does it … Continue reading

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monica de la torre: writing with the elements

Monica de la Torre’s selected experiments in translation in Angels of the Americlypse represent what de la Torre refers to in her aesthetic statement as “poetics of incompleteness” where “the possibility of not appropriating is nil, since voice necessarily ventriloquizes, … Continue reading

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From One Side

profile an      outline a person               a face to represent        in outline from one side to be defined       in outline against a background silhouette I found Bernstein’s method of poetry profiling overwhelming; it is “limitless” in a way that … Continue reading

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