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Anxiety -> Experimental Poetics

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Anxiety of Influence. I read that unnecessarily long theory book (ugh@Harold Bloom) on it for a FanFiction class I’m in (Andrew Colarusso is lovely!), and it left me with many feelings. … Continue reading

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dorothy wang & “American” poetry

In the introduction to Thinking Its Presence, Dorothy Wang discusses the role of Asian Americans in the US literary canon. She critiques the divisions some literary critics make between racialized poets who bring in more evidently their cultural or identitarian … Continue reading

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trampoline vs. landing pad

This past week I’ve been circling the question of anthologies. What are their potentials? Their limitations? Their ethics? Reading What I Say, I’ve been trying to suss out what exactly it is doing. Is it building a canon? Is it (purposefully … Continue reading

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