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trampoline vs. landing pad

This past week I’ve been circling the question of anthologies. What are their potentials? Their limitations? Their ethics? Reading What I Say, I’ve been trying to suss out what exactly it is doing. Is it building a canon? Is it (purposefully … Continue reading

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Why are you so difficult…

Prior to this class, it had been six years since I had critically analyzed a poem in an academic setting. During my freshman year of high school, I was a Creative Writing “major” at the Greater Hartford Academy of the … Continue reading

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“let’s go in the police station!”

A few years ago in Georgia, while on a walk with my black cousin, Christopher, I wanted to stop inside the police station. He asked if I was crazy (“also, no”), I asked him why we couldn’t visit, and he … Continue reading

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Hyperlink Challenge

For this week’s reading response, I wanted to try taking a different creative direction. I really liked the idea we discussed in class of the hyperlink poem, but I also wanted to take it a few different directions. So below … Continue reading

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