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A response to diction in (Untitled) by Ron Allen

(Untitled) by RON ALLEN from What I Say I read this piece out loud a couple of times, and each time I read it, I got very visceral reactions to the diction used. As I read this, I thought back to how … Continue reading

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Class Notes 3.6.18

Research / Allusions “There are words in Japanese that are called up for me by words in the English (outside of so-called literal translations) which in turn affect my reading of the original English word and its meaning in a … Continue reading

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Translation as Space Creation in “What I Had to Have”

Last week, we started discussing translation as an alternative way of knowing—of not only making texts legible for others, but gleaning new meaning from the text as well. This idea feels liberating to me, as I usually view my own … Continue reading

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trampoline vs. landing pad

This past week I’ve been circling the question of anthologies. What are their potentials? Their limitations? Their ethics? Reading What I Say, I’ve been trying to suss out what exactly it is doing. Is it building a canon? Is it (purposefully … Continue reading

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Why are you so difficult…

Prior to this class, it had been six years since I had critically analyzed a poem in an academic setting. During my freshman year of high school, I was a Creative Writing “major” at the Greater Hartford Academy of the … Continue reading

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“let’s go in the police station!”

A few years ago in Georgia, while on a walk with my black cousin, Christopher, I wanted to stop inside the police station. He asked if I was crazy (“also, no”), I asked him why we couldn’t visit, and he … Continue reading

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Hyperlink Challenge

For this week’s reading response, I wanted to try taking a different creative direction. I really liked the idea we discussed in class of the hyperlink poem, but I also wanted to take it a few different directions. So below … Continue reading

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