Week 1


  • from The Racial Imaginary (I know this looks like a lot but it goes fast):
    • “Flibbertigibbet in a White Room / Competencies” by Simone White p. 33
    • “What Do We See? What Do We Not See?” by Ari Banias p. 37
    • “Race, Feminism, and Creative Spaces” by Maryam Afaq p. 49
    • “If I Tell These Stories: Notes on Racism and the White Imaginary” by Helen Klonaris p. 83
    • “From Circumstances to Constellation: Richard Pryor, Resistance, and the Racial Imaginary’s Archive” by Farid Matuk p. 140
    • “Open Letter” by Dan Beachy-Quick p. 152
    • “Racing Stein: What is Seen and Unseen in Taking a Hero Out for a Reread” by Jill Maji p. 159
    • “And Here He Comes Smiling Intending No Harm: A Poetics of Invisible” by Francisco Aragón p. 185
    • “Feeling Colored” by Diane Exavier p. 205
    • “Love the Masters” by Jericho Brown p. 231
    • “A Slanty Kind of Racial(ized) Poetics” by Tamiko Beyer
    • “Who’s Watching Anymore, Anyway?” by Dawn Lundy Martin p. 267

Reading Response:

How has whiteness obscured reading of experimental tactics in the work of artists of color? OR / AND Write an “Open Letter” about your experiences with race/ism in art or literature.